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i was at the anderson store on 9/21/08 and watched (and it was hot outside) as the drivers has to wash the motorhomes (there was 2 being delivered) u would think after driving them over 2000 miles they would be happy to get them delivered no go wash them or pay us.give them a break. one reason i m going somewhere else.hope all people feel this way.drivers are human also.you could see both drivers were worn out, both both washed the motorhomes and smiled the whole time. hard job, and no thank you just wash them or pay us

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Well, not exactly - almost all RV delivery companies DO pay the driver something like $29 per vehicle, if the dealer requests it be washed.AS AN OPTION, some dealers will offer to have their workers wash the unit for the $20 fee instead.

Sooooo...as I was usually 'worn out' at the delivery end of the trip too, plus I really didn't care to wash a big ole motorhome/trailer anyways, I for one was more than happy to pay the dealer to wash, so if these two driv ers did it 'with a smile', more power to 'em!!

Just don't take it as a situation where the dealer demended 'either you wash it or pay up' as described above, ok?'Nuff said...

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